We’ve Landed!

It was the middle of the night when we arrived in Lima, luckily we had a ride waiting for us. As we exited the airport, we noticed people wearing jackets and long pants, similar to how we would dress on a late October day in Saskatchewan. It was loud outside the airport. There were so many cars and horns honking. Does it ever really get quiet in a city of 8 million?We walked to the car and were warned to watch the kids in the traffic. Vehicles have the right of way and we had to zig zag through without getting run down. Gaby jammed our 6 backpacks into the back of her Suzuki SX4 and Jason joined her up front while Deanna and the four kids crammed into the backseat. Coming from Canada, the kids were scrambling looking for seat belts, but soon realized that there were not 5 seat belts in the back of a Suzuki SX4!  

As we drove to our “new home”, we passed through a variety of neigbourhoods. Businesses were locked up with steel doors, padlocks and barbed wire, shacks with corrugated metal sheeting for their rooftop, Peruvian strip malls, and even the Golden Arches and KFC. Anticipation mounted as we wondered what our neighbourhood would look like. We planned to stay north of the tourist area in Lima so we could get a feel for what life was really like in Peru.

We arrived at our apartment in Lince, pulled into the parking garage and met the security guard of the building. Lugging our backpacks out of the car and into the elevator took our last bit of energy. It was now more than 28 hours after we had arrived at the airport in Regina to start our journey. With very little sleep, we were tired and cranky. The apartment was smaller than we expected from the Airbnb pics and the couch was actually just a couple covered pieces of foam on a pallet base, but at this point we just wanted to go to sleep. We pulled the couch apart and made mattresses on the floor of the two bedrooms. They provided sleeping bags and luckily our children enjoyed the thought of sleeping in sleeping bags. We all crawled into bed and hoped for a good night sleep!

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